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City of Canton Down Payment Assistance

For many potential home buyers with a steady income and good credit, the biggest barrier to buying their first home is coming up with the funds needed for down payment and closing costs.  Community Building Partnership and the City of Canton have partnered to offer first-time homeowners assistance with down payment and closing costs.  This programs is run city-wide, and is a great program for residents seeking to purchase their first home!  Eligible applicants can receive up to $5,000 toward down payment and costs associated with purchasing your first home*.  The program objective is to offer low-to-moderate income, first-time home buyers assistance with these upfront costs of purchasing a home, making home ownership more affordable.  All you need to get started is a letter of pre-approval from a lender and a purchase agreement.  Please see below for the exact program specifications. 


Please call our office to apply!

General Program Requirements

Applicants must complete eHome

eHome is a first-time home buyer's onine education course that is required of all applicants to any of Community Building Partnership's Down Payment Assistance Programs*.

The Home Must be Located within the City of Canton's Corporation Limits

Homeowners can lookup the property address via the County Auditor's website to determine eligibility here.  Additionally, you can contact CBP to confirm.

Income Restriction Apply

Applicant income and asset restrictions apply.  Please see HUD Income Limits for details. You will have to input our state/county to find the calculations  

For additional details, please call (330) 458-0962

*Total assistance limited to $5,000.  eHome program program fees vary depending on program,  Funding delivered via check to title company upon closing.  Home-buyer not eligible for any rebates.  Cannot be combined with any other down payment assistance programs.

To download a copy of the City of Canton's Down Payment Assistance Brochure

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