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Code Enforcement Repair Program 

The City of Canton. CBP and its partners have options available for low-moderate income homeowners who are in need of home repairs due to code enforcement.

City of Canton Department of Development (330) 489-3040

- Emergency Repair

- Minor Home Repair

- Roof Replacement 

- Silver Safety Home Repair

- Veterans Home Repair 

- Fire Prevention 

- Code Enforcement Violations

Community Building Partnership 
(330) 458-0962
- Minor Code Enforcement Repairs 

CBP is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization working diligently to revitalize Stark County Neighborhoods through residential empowerment. CBP supports Fair Housing practices. For more information about CBP's various programs, please call (330) 458-0962 

*Income eligibility requirements apply. Property must be a residential. owner-occupied property within the City of Canton corporation limits. Property must be tax current, or showing signs of repayment.*

Income Eligibility:

Household income will be determined using the income of all working household members.  The income requirement must be at or below area median income and based on ALL household members. To ensure household eligibility, documentation must be submitted by the applicant detailing household income.  Please see below for the household income eligibility requirements:

Household Size (80% AMI Income)
One Person: $47,900

Two Persons: $54,750
Three Persons: $61,600 
Four Persons: $68,400
Five Persons: $73,900
Six Persons: $79,350
Seven Persons: $84,850
Eight Persons: $90,300

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